Through a close association with Ireland’s Credit Unions we at Douglas Displays have come to understand the needs of these establishments, where displays are concerned. From counter-top dispensers and bespoke wall displays to illuminated poster displays, all new Light panels and cable poster displays, we’re pretty sure we have you covered.

Artane Members First CU- HDR-01
Naas Credit Union A0 LED Light Panels or
CU Light Panels or
Members First CU A0 Aluminium Snap Frame
A1 Lightbox Displays
Counter Top Displays

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: A0 portrait rod suspended bevel-edged Light Panels at Members First CU, Artane, D5. 2 no. A4 portrait bevel-edged light panels. A5 wall mounted acrylic dispensers. A0 portraitcable suspended bevel-edged Light Panels at Naas Credit Union, Naas, Co. Kildare. Illuminated Poster Displays at Members First CU. Acrylic dispenser/Pen Holder. Bespoke timber wall displays with various poster holders/dispensers. Illuminated Poster Displays at Members First CU, Swords, D17. Bespoke timber wall display.

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